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  • CPU 10th Gen Intel i3 10100F Quad Core 8 Thread 3.6Ghz 
  • MEMORY ADATA Dual Channel 16GB 2666MHz (2x 8GB)
  • SSD Western Digital 240 GB SSD
  • PSU Silverstone ET500 500W 80+ Bronze 
  • CASE Aerocool Mini Frost RGB Mid-Tower
  • OS Windows 10 64-Bit Home Edition OEM
  • WIFI High Speed 5GHz/2.4GHz Dual-Band Wireless Connection /w Wifi Antenna
  • WARRANTY 2 Year Warranty
  • BLUETOOTH 4.0 Bluetooth

Plug and play! Wifi READY, Windows 10 64-Bit Home Edition pre-installed with drivers loaded and tested!

The EXPLORER has just been upgraded with the ASUS ROG STRIX Radeon RX 570 with 8GB GDDR5 this is a mid range Gaming PC with POWER on a budget. With this graphics card you'll be able to play all the latest games on High to Ultra settings at 1080p. On titles like Call of Duty MW Warzone that require more than 4GB of VRAM on Ultra settings, the RX570 8GB GDDR5 has more than enough VRAM to cater to the most demanding games.

The i3 10100F Quad Core 8 Thread Processor offers similar performance to an i7 7700K, giving you excellent performance in games at a fraction of the cost. 

Included in this build is a Western Digital 240 GB SSD and ADATA Dual Channel 16GB 2666MHz (2x 8GB) RAM so you can expect super quick Windows start-up times and loading times for your favourite games.

Please note, The EXPLORER does not feature a DVD Drive.

Now onto the important stuff. 

*These are estimates only

*All benchmarks are tested @ 1080p

Here are some Benchmark Videos from YouTube to showcase what the RX 570 8GB GDDR5 can do.



Ask a Question
  • can I stream Fortnite on low settings and get 120 FPS?

    The Explorer will get 170+ FPS on low settings in Fortnite, however when streaming you'll lose about 47% of the performance so when streaming you'll get around 80-90 FPS.

  • Would this pc run iRacing well?

    Hi, yes it would run iRacing well on High to Ultra settings though I'd recommend upgrading to 16GB of ram. Cheers

  • does it come with all the parts in or do i need to buy them and put them in my self

    Hey, it comes pre built with everything ready to go. Thanks

  • What is the better cpu out of the two offered

    The i3 is better. It is a Quad Core CPU while the Pentium is Dual Core

  • What hard drive does it have in it

    It does not have a Hard Drive. Instead it has 10X faster Solid State Drive.

  • How well will the fully upgraded version run GTA V?

    It will run really well on Ultra settings

  • Will this be good for streaming. Somewhere around 780p 60fps on games like csgo?

    Yes it would easily get that kind of FPS on CSGO and would be great for streaming also.

  • Hi can you take bits out and put new ones in if wanted

    Hi, yep just email me what you would like swapped out via my email tom@godmode.co.nz