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Free Shipping Anywhere in NZ
Free Shipping Anywhere in NZ

Why buy Godmode?

When you buy a PC from us we try to offer the best possible deal, so we include a 2 Year Warranty, Free Shipping, Fast Delivery and a PC that will be cutting edge in terms of performance as well as being super easy to setup. We also pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service so if you want advice on what PC would best suit your needs or have a general enquiry feel free to get in contact.  We are always glad to help.

Thank you. Flawless delivery, 1-2 working days for shipment to Auckland. Both the casing and parts are put together marvelously. No hassle with cables or setup, everything is good to go.
Thank you for the great service.


Just purchased a PC from Godmode, they were so quick in answering any questions I had and also shipped the PC so quickly! PCs are well priced and I can't wait for mine to arrive! I would reccomend them if you are just starting out or if you need something more advanced as they have a range of suitable options!


I think Godmode are on to a great thing. They takeaway all the myriad of choices and present several high quality systems at a great price to suit your level of performance. My teenage son could not be happier they got everything right, look, performance functionality. Keep up the really good work! Cheers