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    • CPU AMD Ryzen 5 2600 6 Core,12 Threads up to 3.9 GHz
    • RAM TeamGroup Elite 8GB DDR4 2666Mhz (1x 8GB)
    • CASE Thermaltake Level 20 MT Case /w 3X ARGB Fans (4 in total)
    • PSU LitePower 650W PSU
    • OS Windows 10 64-bit Home Edition OEM
    • WIFI Dual-Band Wifi 6 High Speed Wireless Connection 5GHz/2.4GHz  /w Wifi Antenna
    • BLUETOOTH Bluetooth 5.0
    • WARRANTY 2 Year Warranty

Plug and play! Wifi READY, Windows 10 64-Bit Home Edition pre-installed with drivers loaded and tested!

Packed inside The PROPHET is the GEFORCE GTX 1660 SUPER 6GB, this is Nvidia's latest offering for the title of best Mid-Range graphics card and for the price it wins hands down, playing any of the latest games with fantastic FPS on the highest settings (even at 1440p) as our benchmarks below show.

With The PROPHET we've upgraded the Wifi to include a Dual Band PCIe High Speed Internet Connection that has Dual-Band 5GHz/2.4Ghz capability as well as the inclusion of 5.0 Bluetooth. 

Please note, The PROPHET does not feature a DVD Drive.

Now onto FPS!


*these are estimates only

The PROPHET 1660 Super

Here's a Youtube video benchmarking the GEFORCE GTX1660 SUPER OC 6GB DDR6


Ask a Question
  • How much fps would I be getting if I played warzone on medium setting with the i7 10700k 1tb 32g ram

    Hi, you'd get around 110-130 FPS with those specifications in Warzone on Medium settings.

  • Does this PC have a display port or HDMI? Or both?

    Hi, yes it has both. Thanks

  • How many fps would this PC get in Minecraft servers on low settings?

    You'd get 500+ FPS in Minecraft on Low Settings with the Prophet

  • Can you get a higher fps on fortnite with this pc?

    Hi, you'll get 200+ FPS on Low Settings on Fortnite with this PC.

  • what's better for gta v the i5 10400f with the 1650 super or the i5 10400f with the 1660 super

    The 1660 Super is about 30% more powerful than the 1650 Super, so you'll see a big boost to FPS in GTA V.

  • Is that an Intel Stock Cooler or will there be different CPU Coolers installed?

    Hi, it's an Intel Stock Cooler. Thanks

  • How fast is the built in connection speed

    Wifi is up to 1200MBs at 5GHz. Thanks

  • When will this be back in stocl?

    Hi there, due to shortages around the country on Graphics Cards this PC is now out of stock. However I hope to have more available either by the end of this month or early next month. Sorry for any inconvenience caused by this, thanks :)

  • What differs between the prophet and the colossus

    Hi, so the Prophet has a newer & faster 10th Gen i5 CPU, it has 12 Threads over the 9th Gen i5 in the Colossus, which makes it much better for multitasking programs such as running streaming programs while gaming. It also has a 1660 Super Graphics Card that is roughly 30% more powerful than the 1650 Super in the Colossus, so you'll be able to play prettty much any game on Ultra settings at 1080p. Hope that helps. Thanks


  • What ping (ms) will I get of fortnite and Minecraft

    That will depend on many factors, such as if you are connecting via wifi or ethernet cable and also what internet plan/setup you have. Hope that helps, thanks.

  • Is this good for video editing aswell? (After effects)

    Hi, yes it will be excellent for video editing with After Effects.

  • What colours does the prophet come in and does it have different lighting mode such as red and yellow or flashing

    Hey, yes it has all the main colours as well as different lighting modes that have 2 or 3 different colours at the same time that you can change. Though I'm unsure about a flashing option

  • Hi, what type of USB port is used(3.0, other) and how many are there, thanks.

    Hi, there's 5X USB 3.2 Gen 1 ports (4 on the back, 1 on top of the case) and 4X USB 2.0 ports (2 on top and 2 on the back)

  • How much fps would I get with WoW on ultra?

    For WoW retail you'd get about 100 FPS on Ultra Settings.

  • how much is the liquid cooler upgrade and how do I do it if I wanted to?

    The Liquid Cooler upgrade is $200, you can select it via the drop down menu called 'CPU Cooler'. Once it is selected the price of the PC will change accordingly.

    hope that helps, thanks

  • hi, does this computer get loud after playing awhile

    Hi, it remains fairly quiet when under heavy load when playing games. If you want it to remain even more quiet then I'd recommend the Liquid Cooler upgrade. Thanks :)

  • Hi there, does this come with a warranty ? Cheers!

    Yes it's a 2 Year Warranty

  • can you put a liquid cooling system in this?

    Yes, The M22 NZXT Kraken Liquid Cooler is available as an upgrade for this build.

  • how many usb inputs are there

    It has 8 in total