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COLOSSUS Ryzen 5 7500F RTX 4060

by Godmode
Original price $1,799.00 - Original price $2,599.00
Original price
$1,799.00 - $2,599.00
Current price $1,799.00
CPU: Ryzen 5 7500F 6 Core / 12 Threads
Memory & Storage: 16GB DDR5 (1X 16GB) / 512GB NVMe SSD
Graphics Card: NVIDIA RTX 4060 8GB

Tested and able to acheive 200+ FPS in Fortnite, Valorant and Apex on lowest settings.


Introducing the COLOSSUS, a gaming PC boasting the 6 Core Ryzen 5 7500F CPU - this processor paired with the NVIDIA RTX 4060 8GB GDDR6 offers excellent gaming performance for the price.  You can expect all games with play and look amazing at 1080p Ultra settings.


  • Custom Built This PC is customisable, you can choose from a myriad of upgrade options to suit your requirements. Once you've chosen the build you want, we then get to work building it. This usually requires 2-4 business days to assemble and properly test the PC before it's ready to ship.
  • Changeable RGB Lights This PC includes customisable RGB lights that can be controlled via preinstalled software. Using this software you can choose from a range of different colours and lighting modes.
  • Upgradeable You can upgrade this PC over time by adding more storage, memory etc as you choose without breaking the terms of our warranty.
  • 2 Year Warranty The warranty period for all our PCs is for 2 years, this warranty includes all parts and labour costs. For the first year of the warranty we will also pay for shipping the PC back for repair, however for the second year of the warranty we ask the customer to pay for shipping.
  • WIFI & Bluetooth Connectivity This PC includes WIFI 5 + Bluetooth 4.2.

Ready Out of the Box:

  • Comes with a power cable and WiF/Bluetooth USB Adapter
  • Pre-installed Windows 11 Home (activated) with all drivers loaded and tested

Shipping Information:

  • The PC is packaged using a doublelined cardboard box with foam insulation both outside and inside the case itself to protect internal components to ensure secure shipping.
  • We use NZPost for all deliveries, every order requires a signature upon arrival.
  • Once the order has been shipped, you'll receive an automated shipping confirmation email that includes tracking.


Ask a Question
  • What is the best monitor 4 this pc Bc ppl r saying 240 is a waste just get a 144

    Hi, with this PC I'd recommend a 144Hz Monitor. Thanks

  • Hey, I was wondering how long would it take for the pc to arrive in Auckland ? :))

    Hi, each PC takes 2-3 days to build and thoroughly test, once it's ready to send it will take 2-3 days to arrive in Auckland on average :)

  • Hi what is the highest FPS fortnite can run on a 60hrtz monitor with this pc

    Hi, if the Monitor is 60Hz then you wont be able to get over 60 FPS. This PC could get up to 240 FPS on Low settings in Fortnite, you'd need a Monitor with 240Hz in order to see that amount of FPS though. Hope that helps, thanks.

  • Hi can we play with a ps4,5 controller connected with a cord?

    Hi, yes you can connect your PS4 controller to the PC via a Micro USB cable.

  • hello would this computer play Valorant online competitively? Also Warzone? Cheers.

    Hi, it will play Valorant very well on Ultra Settings. For Warzone you will get around 80 FPS on Ultra 1080p Settings. Thanks

  • Are the fans colours changeable?

    Hey, yes they are able to be controlled by a button on the top. There are 7 different colour modes available.

  • How much does The Colossus weigh? I need to know so my desk won't break just in case, Thanks!

    Hi, it's about 14KGs. thanks

  • Will there be Boxing Day sales at the end of the year

    Hey, yes there will be a sale for Boxing Day. Thanks

  • Does it come with a DVD drive?

    Hi, no it doesn't. It will need an external DVD drive to be connected via USB in order to accept DVDs. Thanks

  • Hi would this be a good option for wanting to play stuff like minecraft genshin impact valorant fortnite etc and also streaming? If so which storage size and cpu would be recommended to do those things?

    Hi there, yes I would recommend The COLOSSUS to run all of those games at Ultra settings on 1080p. It will be great for streaming thanks to the i5 10400F 6 Core CPU. For Storage I'd recommend atleast 480GB, and for Memory I'd recommend 16GB of RAM. Hope that helps. Cheers

  • Is it vr ready

    This PC doesn't have a USB-C connection, so if your VR headset requires it be connected via a USB-C cable it will not be compatible. If however you use something like a Quest 2, that can be connected wirelessly.

  • How much fps would you get on VALORANT?

    Hi, you'll get around 180 FPS on the highest settings at 1080p. Thanks

  • Are the USB ports 3.0?

    Hi, The Colossus has 2X USB 3.1, 1X USB 3.0 & 4X USB 2.0 USB Ports in total. Thanks

  • Does this come with a wireless router, if not does it come with an Ethernet cable?

    Hi there, Wifi accessibility is included with this PC, it also has an Ethernet port available also for plugging directly into your home router. An Ethernet cable is not included with the PC. Thanks

  • Do I need Wi-Fi on to play on it or can it connect without Wi-Fi on

    Hi, yes it has an Ethernet Connection so you can connect with an Ethernet Cable which will allow you to play connect without Wifi. Thanks

  • How much fps would I get on Minecraft on normal settings?

    You'll get around 350FPS on normal settings in Minecraft with the Colossus. Thanks

  • Hiya How would this PC handle The Witcher 2? I love this game but have yet to have a pc that will reliably and consistently give me a decent framerate. Even with the graphics turned right down.

    Hi there, this PC will play The Witcher 2 and even the Witcher 3 on Ultra settings at 1080p with super smooth performance. Hope that helps, thanks :)

  • Is there an Ethernet cable port

    Hi, yes there is. Thanks

  • Will the game Anno 1800 run on this well?

    Yes it will play on High to Ultra settings. Thanks

  • will this be good to run Unity well

    Hi, yes it will run Unity really well. Cheers

  • Hey what's the fps if I was streaming fortnite

    Hey, you should get about 150 FPS on Low settings streaming Fortnite with OBS.


  • Does the Colossus support dual display monitors (2 monitors) as standard?

    Hey, yes it does, however please note it has 1X HDMI 1X DVI 1X Display Port. So you will either need to use HDMI for 1 of the Monitors and DVI/Display Port for the other or use an HDMI to DVI/Displayport Adapter like this one here

  • do you have to build the PC yourself?

    Hey, it'll arrive prebuilt. You just need to plug it in and it's good to go.

  • How many USB ports are there

    There are 8 USB ports in total

  • Hi how much fps would i be on in a stacked fortnite endgame on medium settings ?

    Hi there, you’d get around 140-160 FPS

  • Hi there. Just curious if this will be capable of running programmes such as OBS Studio & Elgato Game Capture with ease? I’m also looking to be streaming a bit. Thanks!

    Hi there, yes it will be capable of runing both of those programs with ease while playing a game at the same time, though I would recommend atleast 16GB of Ram to do so :)

  • In the future can u take parts out and put new ones in ?

    Yes that's fine, just let me know which components you'd like swapped out for which new components.

  • how does it plug in

    Hi, it comes with a power plug. All that is required is that you plug in a keyboard, mouse and monitor.

  • Is there wifi That means i do not have to get cable for internet ?

    Hi, yes that's right. It comes with Wifi, so no Ethernet cables are required.

  • What is its dimensions (height,depth length)

    Hi, these are the dimensions for The COLOSSUS: 420 x 210 x 402mm (LxWxH). Thanks

  • Hi i see it has 2 hdmi ports but 1 is inactive due to no integrated graphics. how do i get the 2nd hdmi port working so i can use dual monitors?

    Hi there, if you need more HDMI ports you will need an HDMI to Display Port adapter such as this

  • What gpu is displayed in the pictures of this pc

    The GPU displayed in the pictures is the ASUS TUF RTX 3060 12GB

  • Does the standard version of The COLOSSUS PC have any bottlenecking?

    No the standard version of the COLOSSUS PC does not have any bottlenecks. The components will work very well together and allow you to play pretty much any game title on High to Ultra graphics at 1080p with a smooth 60+ FPS.

  • Hi, how many frames on Fortnite BR with a 3060 8gb I3 12100f can I receive on average? And how many frames on Fortnite would I receive with the 3060 12gb i3-12100f on average?

    i3 12100F + RTX 3060 8GB = 270 FPS on Fortnite Performance Mode
    i3 12100F + RTX 3060 12GB = 300 FPS on Fortnite Performance Mode

  • Hi, I was just wondering what would give better performance gaming wise, 3060 12gb + i3-12100f or 3060 8gb i5-12400f since they are the same price, thank you.

    Hi there, when it comes to gaming performance the i5 12400F is around 10% (on average) better than the i3 12100F whereas the 3060 12GB is about 15-20% better than the 3060 8GB so it would be close but the 3060 12GB  is the better option purely when considering gaming performance. But if you intend to stream or do other tasks that are more CPU intensive it could be worthwhile opting for the i5 instead. Hope that's helpful. Thanks

  • Is it worth purchasing the 12GB over the 8GB? What is the difference in frames

    Yes, it is worth it. The difference is anywhere between 10-30% higher in FPS depending on the game

  • Will this run GTA RP smoothly

    Yes, it will play GTA RP well on Ultra graphics

  • Hi there! If you upgrade the CPU from the Ryzen 5 to the 'Ryzen 7 5700X 8 Core / 16 Thread /w up to 4.6GHz + Deepcool CPU Cooler' option, is the Deepcool CPU cooler included with that an air cooling cooler?

    Hi Rachel, yes that's correct. The Deepcool CPU cooler is an air cooler.

  • Hello! how does this PC (preferably paired with the items in the bundle) perform on games like War Thunder (Max settings), or Flight simulators like MSFS2020/Prepar3d?

    Hi there, It will play War Thunder really well on max settings (100+ FPS), for Flight Sim  2020/Prepar3d you'll get a solid 60 FPS at Medium settings. 

  • Just wondering if it's possible to swap a different graphics card out later for the colossus if I wanted to upgrade?

    Hi there, yep absolutely. Everything in the PC can be swapped out and be upgraded as you choose to in the future.

  • Hello again what fps do you think this PC would run on low-mid apex settings

    Hi, around 130 FPS

  • Hi, would it be able to run Spiderman smoothly?

    Hi, yes it will be great for playing Spiderman on High settings at 1080p.