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About Godmode

GODMODE is owned and operated by me, Tom Wilkinson. I've been a PC gamer ever since my dad bought the family its first PC in 1994, starting out playing classics like Age of Empires and Baldur's Gate, I've been an avid gamer ever since. During the peak of my gaming ability at age 13 I played for the national team competing against the Australian team in the game Team Fortress Classic back in 2004. 

Today I split my time between being a part time artist, showcasing my art in different galleries around the Nelson area(you can check out some of my art on my instagram page here) and being a PC builder. GODMODE started as an idea I had to build Gaming PCs for those without the know how or time necessary to do it themselves. It can take a lot of time and energy to research all the latest tech and work out what components work together, then there's the real possibility of the build going wrong and having to spend hours and hours trying to diagnose the issue and possibly spending extra to replace a part that was unknowingly shorted through not taking the necessary precautions.

With GODMODE, my aim is to remove all these frustrations, making it as simple as possible. So on the website I hope to offer all the information you need to make an informed buying decision regarding which PC best suits your needs. Once you receive the PC and boot it up, Windows 11 is pre-installed, fully updated and includes all the necessary drivers preinstalled meaning all that's left for you to do is install your favourite games and enjoy the incredible feeling of playing games on a gaming PC built with the newest tech.