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E-Blue Holy Cobra Gaming Mouse

by E-Blue
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The PowerPlay Holy Cobra Pro RGB Gaming Mouse is the ultimate tool to give you the upper hand and take your victory in the combat zone! This super lightweight gaming mouse features a unique honeycomb design to both reduce weight and increase your grip. Weighing in at only 80 grams and designed with you in mind, the Holy Cobra is built for performance and comfort. Featuring a high-quality gaming sensor with fully adjustable DPI and jitter reduction, 16.8 milltion colour RGB lighting and 2 programmable side buttons all customisable within the desktop app, this mouse allows you to tailor your settings down to the smallest detail. Don’t settle for less, settle for the best with the PowerPlay Holy Cobra Pro RGB Mouse.



  • Customisable 16.8 Million Colour True RGB (with downloadable software)
  • Lightweight Honeycomb Design For Grip & Speed
  • DPI Adjustable Up To 6400 & Dedicated DPI Button
  • High -Quality Gaming Laser Sensor


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